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PestThreatSaver Screen SaverContains over 30 images and information on exotic pests of Western Australia. Also available: GrainSaver Screen Saver.
Random Insect Images
Have a guess at identifying these specimen images from our online Insect Collection Database (ICDB).

On August 24, 2000 Agriculture Western Australia celebrated the databasing of the 100,000th specimen.  The specimen chosen is a Robber Fly to honour 25 years curation by Kevin Richards.  This specimen and 99,999 others can be found through the Insect Collection Database
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Red Imported Fire Ants Red Imported Fire Ants, Solenopsis invicta, are one of the most serious ant pests in the world and have recently been found in Brisbane, Queensland. A survey to detect any that may have established in Western Australia is being conducted by the Department of Agriculture.


Invertebrate Reference Collection Database

The Insect Collection database (ICDB) is a catalogue of the Western Australian Department of Agriculture Insect Reference Collection (approximately 400,000 specimens). Every day specimen details are entered into ICDB including a digital image. The database was created at the Department of Agriculture with Microsoft Access and  holds information on the taxonomy, collection, location of specimens and track their loan to other institutions.
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Download the complimentary ICDb Screensaver (4.8 Mb) of 23 high resolution specimen images celebrating the databasing of the 100,000th specimen. September 24, 2000.

Click thumbnail image to view a poster of Chrysopogon kastanios, the 100,000th specimen

poster_Asilidae.jpg (56817 bytes)
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